It's important for our company to contribute to the common cause. By being responsible and doing business consciously, we maximize the benefit to the ecosystem we are a part of.

Today, Razrez Kuznetsky Yuzhny is implementing a number of social projects in nearby communities:

- provides a free delivery of coal for heating the homes of needy residents of the village of Cheremza;
- supports the Greco-Roman wrestling school in the Central Rural Settlement of Novokuznetsk District and the kindergarten «Planet of Childhood» in Kaltan, and helps local administrations in conducting socially significant events;
- launched a bus service and equipped a bus stop in Cheremza settlement;
- installed a pipeline to bring clean water to Traktovaya Street in Myski;
- supports the Shoriya Association of the Shorian People in preserving and developing Shorian culture;
- actively engaged in compensatory reforestation within the borders of Kuzbass;
- provides its own equipment for social projects in small towns and settlements;
- allocates funds for the development of children's sports in Myski;
- is always ready to help with its own resources in the fight against the elements and emergencies.

This is an important part of our company. If you have any suggestions, please send them to