It's important for our company to contribute to the common cause. By being responsible and doing business consciously, we maximize the benefit to the ecosystem we are a part of.

Today, Razrez Kuznetsky Yuzhny is implementing a number of social projects in nearby communities:

In Myski:
• We repaired the emergency room of the city hospital;
• We repaired the catering plant;
• We repaired the children's center for development and humanitarian education;
• Purchased furniture for the historical and ethnographic museum;
• Purchased furniture for the city's library system;
• Built a water line to supply clean water to Traktovaya Street;
• Purchased skis for the local section and professional equipment for the alpine skiing school;
• We support the Shoria Association in preserving and developing Shorian culture.
In Kaltan:
• Invested funds in the Kaltansky greenhouse complex. The enterprise resumed operations and brought back employees;
• Supported the kindergarten "Planet of Childhood";
• Purchased an LED screen for city events.
In the Novokuznetsk district:
• We support the Greco-Roman wrestling school in the Central Rural Settlement.

In Cheremza:
• We help with equipment and people to fight spring fires and winter storms;
• We provide free delivery of coal to residents in need;
• We launched a bus service and equipped a bus stop;
• We regularly gravel the streets of the village;
• We installed lighting on the access road and replaced streetlights.
In Kuzbass:
• Every year we finance socially important events in Kuzbass - organization of festive events for the residents of the region, support of youth and sports organizations.

This is an important part of our company. If you have any suggestions, please send them to