June 11, 2020

Noise experiment conducted in Cheremza

Employees of LLC Razrez Kuznetsky Yuzhny conducted a special experiment to determine the noise level in the village of Cheremza during operation of the coal-loading station. The local residents voiced their concerns about the noisy work near the settlement at a meeting of the environmental council in Myskah.

The residents of Cheremza settlement themselves, as well as the head of Novokuznetsk district Andrey Sharnin and the head of the Central rural settlement Elena Kurlis watched the experiment. Machinery was working at the point of future loading. Part of the residents watched this process. The others watched the experiment from Cheremza.

The specialists fixed the level of noise with the special equipment. The measurement of the level of noise impact began at a distance of 2400 meters from the axis of loading. The residents of the settlement were convinced in the "noise" safety of the station operation: the first faint sounds could be heard when the distance between the loader and the settlement was reduced to 1300 meters. Additional noise measurement was made at a distance of 600 meters from the Cheremza settlement. The noise was there, but not higher than the maximum permissible values.