November 12, 2021

Provided clean artesian water to residents of Traktovaya Street in Myski

Kuznetsky Yuzhny cut provided clean artesian water to the residents of Traktovaya Street in Myski.

Earlier the street had its own well and a standpipe. The well had been mothballed for many years and no water was supplied to the well. Residents had to go year-round for water on the neighboring streets.

The management of the coal mine allocated funds for the overhaul of the water supply networks. Specialists cleaned the well, built a warm pavilion over it and installed a new pump. All equipment for maintenance of the system is inside the pavilion, and it is possible to check the work in comfortable conditions in any weather.

The water pipeline from the well to the standpipe was installed in a special way so as not to damage the asphalt. They made punctures under the road, installed special steel sleeves and laid modern polyethylene pipes in them. Hydraulic tests of the pipeline were successful, now all residents of Traktovaya Street have clean water within walking distance.

With the support of Kuznetsky Yuzhny Open Pit, Myskov Water Utility plans to bring the water pipeline to the homes of local residents.

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