November 2, 2021

Wages raised at an agricultural enterprise in Kaltan

Since November 1, the salaries of all employees of the "Kaltansky" agricultural enterprise have increased by 10%.

"Kaltansky" is a greenhouse complex in the south of Kuzbass, where they grow the famous all-Russian Kaltan cucumber, as well as tomatoes and greens.

The company is owned by the Kuznetsky Yuzhny quarry, which purchased the complex in 2019. According to Timur Frank, chairman of the mine's board of directors, a steady rise in coal prices allows the company to invest more in non-core assets and increase salaries for its employees.

Such an increase is not the first in the new life of Kaltansky, the previous indexation took place on March 7, 2021

Investments in the agricultural sector of Kuzbass is one of the directions of the strategic development of Kuznetsky Southern open-pit mine.