October 28, 2022

Kuznetskiy Yuzhniy continues to reforest

Kuznetskiy Yuzhniy is using forests in accordance with the Forest Code of the Russian Federation.
Articles 43-46, pursuant to Article 63.1 of the Federal Law of 19.07.2018 № 212-FZ.

In 2022, reforestation was carried out on an area of 376 hectares:

  • Anzhersky leskhoz
  • Kemerovsky leskhoz
  • Novokuznetsk leskhoz
  • Promyshlennovsky leskhoz
  • Yurginskiy leskhoz

    Completed work:

  • Plots are cleared of stumps
  • Furrows cut
  • Grass cut
  • Soil is hoeed to protect seedlings
  • Planted in strips under the Kolesov sword

    Planted 1,316,000 seedlings of spruce and pine at the age of 3-4 years.

    Several stages of seedling mowing are planned for 2023-2025 for better growth.

    Reforestation will continue.

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