November 28, 2021

For Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, we thank each of the mothers for the strength and warmth you give to your children.

In the summer of 2021, the mine supported a creative project of singer Irina Kiskorova and the Shoria Association - the shooting of a music video for the song «Ichem» («My Mother»). «This song is not only about my beloved mother, but about all loving mothers,» Irina Kiskorova said. - At first a warm and tender melody came to me, so the theme of motherhood emerged by itself. Then I began to select lyrics and found a suitable poem «Kairan iche» by Valentina Totysheva. Lyubov Arbachakova translated it into Russian. That's how the song came about, and that's what we shot the video for.

Razrez provided financial support for the filming, which took place in the Shorian villages of Ust-Kabyrza and Sredniye Kichi, as well as in Novokuznetsk. The clip introduces the unique culture and landscapes of Gornaya Shoria.

Watch the clip