The economic mainstay of the region: the coal industry needs effective logistics solutions
What are the primary objectives for market players. Read more
Is Logistics the Head of Everything? How the transport infrastructure affects the development of the region
According to the forecast of economists polled by the Central Bank of Russia, Russia's GDP in 2022 instead of the expected 2.4% growth in early February, will decrease by 8%. If this median forecast is realized, the decline of real GDP will almost repeat the result of 2009. Back then, due to the global financial crisis, the Russian economy collapsed by 7.8%. Read more
"Kuznetsky Yuzhniy" expects to invest 10 billion rubles in the modernization of production and infrastructure
Kemerovo. 19 April. INTERFAX - LLC "Razrez Kuznetsky Yuzhniy" (Kemerovo region, extracts coal by open-pit method) intends to invest about 10 billion rubles in its own development until 2025, the press service of LLC informed "Interfax". Read more
"Kuznetsky Yuzhniy" plans to build its own factory in three years
Kuznetskiy Yuzhniy group of companies in Kuzbass plans to implement a project to build Tayozhnaya coal processing plant in three years. The new enterprise will process all the coal mined at the surface mine. Read more
Enrichment Factory Tayozhnaya LLC was registered in Kuzbass
Timur Frank, co-owner of LLC Razrez Kuznetsky Yuzhny and Ivan Povoroznyuk, general director of LLC Carbo UK (manages the quarry, according to SPARK-Interfax) registered LLC Beneficiation Factory Tayezhnaya, Interfax reports. Read more
What is the difference between the business of coal mining in Russia and in Australia
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Updating the rules for the transportation of frozen cargo is unlikely
The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation intends to update the rules of transportation of frozen cargoes by rail by stipulating the responsibility of consignors of goods for the quality and effectiveness of preventive measures and anti-freeze measures applied to ensure timely unloading at destination stations, including ports. Read more
Grid restrictions in February could lead to new supply disruptions under existing contracts and lower coal inventories in Europe
At the moment, global coal consumers are experiencing a shortage of coal products, which does not provide possible preconditions for the market to decline soon. Most likely, the price range for the first half of the year will remain at the level of January this year. Timur Frank, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kuznetsky Southern open-pit mine, told RZD-Partner when analyzing the price dynamics for Russian coal in January-February 2022. Read more
Coal miners expect growth of tax revenues to the Kuzbass budget
Tax revenues of the coal industry to the budget of the Kemerovo region in 2022 will continue to grow, while maintaining the current market conditions. This is due both to high world prices for this type of fuel and the plans to increase production and export volumes. Read more
Coal market conditions: 5 influencing factors
Russian coal prices increased again at the beginning of the year due to limited supplies, uncertainty over tensions between Russia and Ukraine, higher gas prices, export restrictions from Indonesia and lower coal supplies in Australia. Demand for Russian coal also increased due to fears of possible new U.S. sanctions against Russia and subsequent supply restrictions at the end of the year. Read more
State of the coal market in Russia and the world in January and early February 2022
Coal prices rose in January due to a number of factors. Read more
Coal prices go up contrary to the calendar
Energy coal went up again in January. This is unusual, as prices should fall as the end of the heating season approaches. According to analysts, this is caused by general industrial growth and gas prices remaining high. Read more
Explosive growth in demand for nitrate
Farmers deprived coal companies of industrial raw materials. Read more
Timur Frank, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Razrez Kuznetsky Yuzhniy
Closure of land border crossings with China due to stricter measures against COVID-19 significantly reduces the profits of coal exporters. Read more