About company

We are located in the Novokuznetsk agglomeration located in the south of the Kemerovo region - Kuzbass. The main goal of our company is high-tech and environmentally friendly mining of T and TC grade coal at the Chuazassky area.

Balance reserves within the limits of the available license amount to 240.6 million tons (121.4 million tons for surface mines, 119.2 million tons for underground mines) of high-energy coal of T and TS grades. Demand for coal of these grades on the world market is very high, which opens us up to long-term cooperation with the largest Russian and international companies.

At the moment the company's facilities are under construction. The design of all facilities was carried out taking into account the latest requirements and developments in the field of industrial ecology, as well as the needs of the local population.

High-performance technological complexes with internal dumping system will be used at the surface mine. This will make it possible to produce high quality coal with the least impact on the environment.

In our work we use reliable equipment made in Russia and Belarus, which meets the standards of the Customs Union.

A great advantage of our company is the staff of highly qualified employees, industry professionals, many of whom belong to dynasties that have been working in the coal mining industry for more than one generation.

Our mission

Our mission is to conduct careful, responsible and open energy extraction and processing activities.
The work of the coal industry is much more than just the extraction of minerals. It is a powerful industry that is city-forming.
Industry companies are much more than enterprises. They are communities that can exist only in close interaction with the people and nature of the region in which they operate. This is why we put the development and strengthening of these relationships at the forefront of our daily work.